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At PROmotion we strongly believe that making your treatment functional to your life is the key to your long-term recovery. Our clinicians draw from the latest in evidence-based practice, combining manual therapy with exercise rehabilitation to reduce pain and restore function.

Physiotherapy Services

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

How treatment work at PROmotion? We begin with a detailed clinical and functional assessment of your presentation. We then formulate a treatment and management plan to relieve the pain, but more importantly, to resolve your problem quickly before providing you with solutions regarding long term prevention of injuries with the activities you do. Your treatment is guided by us but directed by you.​

Sports Physiotherapy

We have multiple Sports Masters titled Physiotherapists with in the clinic, so whether you are an elite, sub-elite, school level athlete or weekend warrior we have you covered with sport specific injury diagnosis, management and rehabilitation.

Amputee Physiotherapy

At PROmotion we offer lower limb amputee rehabilitation to both prosthetic and non-prosthetic users. Our clinicians draw on the latest in evidence-based practice for prosthetic componentry modifications and the affect this has on the biomechanical analysis of gait and an individual’s function. We work very closely with each client’s prosthetist to ensure componentry and muscular activation, strength and length are aligned to restore optimal function and allow each individual to reach their personal goals. 

Women's Health Physiotherapy

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapy service treats conditions specific to pregnancy, post-natal and menopause; painful sexual intercourse; bladder and bowel problems; pelvic pain as well as to provide pre and post-op pelvic floor rehab for gynaecological surgeries.

Mens Health Physiotherapy

Our Men’s Health Physiotherapy service treats conditions including Bladder dysfunction and Incontinence, Persistent Pelvic pain, Pelvic floor related persistent Low Back Pain and provide post Prostate Surgery Pelvic Floor rehabilitation. 

BPPV (Vestibular) Physiotherapy

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is a specific inner ear (vestibular) condition that occurs when small calcium carbonate particles break loose within the inner ear. This can occur without reason or associated with an isolated incident. The particles can move into the wrong part of the inner ear and cause significant symptoms of positional vertigo when lying flat or rolling over in bed. Techniques such as the Epley manoeuvre can successfully treat BPPV and can be performed by physiotherapists with specific skills in this area. 

Classes and Group Services

Physio Rehab (formerly Clinical Pilates)

Physio Rehab at PROmotion utilises the principles of Pilates and other evidence based exercise to condition your whole body. Our sessions focus on improving posture, trunk control, balance, flexibility, mobility and strength whilst making it functional, dynamic and specific to your presentation. We offer adult and school age sessions, as well as 30, 45 or 55 min appointments.

PRO Services

ACL Pre & Post Surgery Rehabilitation and Strengthening

At PROmotion, we are aiming to improve outcomes from ACL reconstructions by guiding rehabilitation and aiding return to play decision-making through evidence based periodical testing. We have a team of both Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists who will help with all stages of your ACL recovery whether that be pre or post surgery or leading up to return to play and beyond.

Concussion Treatment and Management 

Our PRO Concussion service includes baseline testing, acute post-injury assessment with a focus on managing safe returning to school/work, as well as management of Persistent Concussion Symptoms (PCS). Recovery and return to activity and sport is guided by comprehensive, evidence-based outcome measures that cover all aspects of concussion rehabilitation.

Physio Running Assessment

Our PRO Running Assessments combine the analysis of run technique and biomechanics to provide strategies to improve your efficiency, performance and prevent injury. Unfortunately no one teaches us how to run – we just go! Whether you are a sub 3 hour marathoner, jogger with a nagging injury or running for the first time – we can help.

Physio Swimming Screen and Assessment

Our PRO swimming screening process is made up of a number of assessments looking at both strength, range of movement and control. By identifying any limitations before we even get you down to the pool we create a personalised program to improve propulsion and reduce drag forces.  Once we have completed the dry land assessment it is off to the pool to look at your stroke and combine the clinical assessment with what's going on in the water.

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