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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy Perth Claremont rehabilation programs
Sports Physiotherapy Perth Claremont rehabilation programs
​At PROmotion our Sports Physiotherapists will use their extensive knowledge base and experience working with professional athletes to help you reach your sporting goals. Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior our Sports Physiotherapists (post graduate training with APA titling) will complete a thorough assessment and create a management plan tailored to your individual sport and level.


Management plans will involve a combination of evidence based manual therapy and extensive rehabilitation programs from early stage rehabilitation to end stage high level return to sport rehabilitation.  


Our Sports Physiotherapists will also when necessary work with our Sports Medicine network (Sports Physicians, Sports Podiatrist & Strength & Conditioning Coaches) to ensure you are able to reach your maximum potential in your chosen sport.


Sports Physiotherapy Services

  • Initial Assessment and management plans 

  • Sport specific screening and prehab programs

  • Rehabilitation programs 

  • Sports Taping

  • Education programs for clubs/teams (recovery advice, injury prevention information, sports trainer training)

  • Injury prevention programs (to meet the individual and sporting requirements)

  • Game day coverage & recovery services

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