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Shoulder Specific  Rehabilitation Session

Are you suffering from long term shoulder pain? Or maybe have just a shoulder surgery?
Shoulder are one of, if not the most, complex joints within the human body and subsequently one of the most common areas of injury we see here at PROmotion.
Shoulder Class

Shoulder pain can present in a variety of forms. Some of the most common complaints we hear include:

  • Pain while driving or opening doors

  • Pain when taking off a jumper/bra/t-shirt

  • Pain when reaching overhead

  • Pain with throwing or swimming


We also see a variety of post operative shoulders including:

  • Rotator cuff repair

  • Sub-acromial decompression/arthoscopic debridement

  • Labral repairs


Recent research has found that for non-traumatic shoulder pain the best treatment is…. Exercise! As a result, we have started a new rehabilitation class targeted at everything shoulders. Current evidence indicates that a structured, graduated and progressive strengthening program is as beneficial as surgery for some non-traumatic shoulder conditions. 


Following an initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists, an individualised rehabilitation program will be formulated based on what is found. This could include mobility, strengthening and activation of all the areas around and concerned with the shoulder. Depending on whether some manual therapy is indicated, the next step will be to join the shoulder specific rehabilitation class. Running for 45 minutes- you will continue to progress your rehabilitation along in a supervised environment ran by one of our watchful physiotherapists. From these classes, your home exercise program will be advanced as indicated. These invaluable sessions enable the physiotherapist to ensure correct technique is being used for exercises- with a few extras thrown in using our fantastic rehabilitation facility!


Particularly with post operative shoulder injuries- the rehabilitation can be slow and steady (and sometimes frustrating!) but you will be surprised at what you can do to ensure the best outcomes without damaging anything repaired. We also conduct strength testing and various other assessments to ensure you are always improving and ensuring that your rehabilitation is targeted towards any deficits.

To start your shoulder rehabilitation sessions please call PROmotion reception for current class times & availability,  

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