Swimming Screening & Assessments

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Swimming can burn up to 650 calories an hour at a moderate pace, so it can be a very efficient form of exercise. But because of the resistance and drag of the water if we don't swim correctly it can load our bodies inappropriately and cause injuries.
First Set your goal for Swimming


Whether it be your sights are set to make the next national team, finish your first Rottnest channel crossing or just simply to swim 100m we are here to help. For many to reach these goal injuries are often a major hurdle to overcome. In order to address these injuries or even better to prevent occurring in the first place a specific swimming screening assessment is the first step, followed by a technique analysis at the pool. 

What is a Swimming Screen?


The swimming screening process is made up of a number of assessments looking at both strength, range of movement and control. By identifying any limitations before we even get you down to the pool we create a personalised program to improve propulsion and reduce drag forces.

Our swim assessment difference


The reason we don’t stop there is often there can be some simple technique errors that could be contributing to injury. So we get you down to the pool and get you to swim, it is here that we relate your musculoskeletal screen to what happens with your stroke in the pool. We recognize that we are not your coach however we work together to improve the way you move through the water. Some of the more common technique errors include:


  • Dropped elbow

  • Over-reach of hand placement 

  • Excessive trunk rotation

  • Crossing arm over midline or pulling too wide

  • Poor timing errors… to name a few! 


To book your swimming assessment with our swimming PRO Amanda call 08 9284 4405 or use our easy online booking system. 


Amanda combines her experience of having swum at a state and national level, with her coaching experience and having completed her Sports Masters in Physiotherapy to help you overcome your injuries and reach your swimming


*please note the initial first half of the assessment is carried out in the clinic, followed by Claremont Pool for the technique analysis. This can be complete in either one full session, or broken in to two parts. If you have any questions regarding the process please feel free to contact Amanda on amanda@promotionphysio.com.au or call the clinic today.