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Swimming Screening & Assessments

PROmotion Swimming physiotherapy screen injury assessment
Swimming physiotherapy screen injury assessment
Physiotherapy screening in swimmers (pool or open water) is crucial to assist athletes to be physically prepared for the unique demands of the sport. Swimming places specific stress on the body, requiring strength, control and mobility.
Physiotherapy screening helps identify and address any underlying musculoskeletal issues, ensuring swimmers have the optimal range of motion, muscular balance, and injury prevention strategies in place. By assessing and addressing these factors, physiotherapy can enhance a swimmer's performance and reduce the risk of injury.
First Set your goal for Swimming


Whether it be your sights are set to make the next national team, finish your first Rottnest channel crossing or just simply to swim 100m we are here to help. For many to reach these goal injuries are often a major hurdle to overcome. In order to address these injuries or even better to prevent occurring in the first place a specific swimming screening assessment is the first step. This can be followed by a technique analysis at the pool with our network of trusted swimming coaches. 

What is a Swimming Screen?


The swimming screening process is made up of a number of assessments looking at both strength, range of movement and control. We also take a deeper dive in to your current training loads and injury history. By identifying any limitations and areas of improvement we create a personalised program to improve strength, mobility and overall performance/technique! 

Our swim assessment difference


Our swimming Physio's have extensive background in the sport and assisting athletes at the highest level. Chris Perrey is the current WAIS swimming Physio and Amanda Simmonds is an experienced Sports Physiotherapist who is a previous swimmer at state & national level and coach! 


To book your swimming assessment with our swimming PRO's Amanda or Chris call 08 9284 4405 or use our online booking system. 

*We are proud to be sponsoring the 2024 Port to Pub and offering all swimmers 25% of the swimming screen. Please select Port to Pub as affliate when filling out the consent form online or by letting our admin know at time of appointment. 

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