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Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga unlike other forms of exercise connects the breath, body and spirit as one.

Classes involve movement practice, breathing control and meditation through power vinyasa yoga with the benefit of a Physiotherapist's in-depth knowledge of anatomy and pathology. Vinyasa is a flowing class that strings together breath and movement. 

Benefits Include
  • Stress management 

  • Mental clarity 

  • Mindfulness and ability to stay present 

  • Improve self awareness and body awareness

  • Improve flexibility and muscle contraction

  • Injury prevention 

  • Improved athletic performance 

  • Improved cardiovascular health 

  • Improved Respiratory control

Therapeutic Yoga Perth Claremont

Yoga Classes

Everyone can benefit from yoga practice, even a gentle modified version.


Please keep in mind that the classes will involve getting up and down from the floor

Current Times: Monday 6pm, Wednesday 6.30am.

(mid morning soon available - enquire with reception)

1-1 Session

Please keep in mind that if you have any major injuries or limitations a one on one introductory session with our physiotherapist will be necessary so that we can keep you safe in classes. Learning correct modifications to your practice is the number one way to create longevity in your yoga practice. 

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