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Amputee Physiotherapy & Rehab - Lower Limb

At PROmotion we offer lower limb amputee rehabilitation to both prosthetic and non-prosthetic users. Our amputee Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists draw on the latest in evidence-based practice for prosthetic componentry modifications and the affect this has on the biomechanical analysis of gait and an individual’s function.

We work very closely with each client’s prosthetist to ensure componentry and muscular activation, strength and length are aligned to restore optimal function and allow each individual to reach their personal goals. 


We pride ourselves on constant professional development and networking in this unique area of private rehabilitation, both internally and with a community of external medical providers (including prosthetists, the National Disability Insurance Scheme and community organisations).

Lower Limb Amputee Physiotherapy Services: 
  • Initial subjective and objective assessment 

  • Postural assessment (prosthetic alignment) 

  • Gait assessment and education

  • Amputee specific outcome measures

  • Gym based Amputee Rehab sessions and programs 

  • Report writing for funding limitations for therapy 

  • Individualised physiotherapy rehabilitation sessions at PROmotion

  • Physiotherapy and/or Exercise Physiology services in clinic gym based and home exercise rehabilitation programs 

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