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Physio Rehab (Formerly Clinical Pilates)

Physio Rehab at PROmotion utilises the principles of Pilates and other evidence based exercise to condition your whole body. Our sessions focus on improving posture, trunk control, balance, flexibility, mobility and strength whilst making it functional, dynamic and specific to your presentation. We believe relating your pain and pathology to your problem is vital for moving pain free.

All patients must complete a Physio Rehab Assessment where we take a detailed past and present medical history and assess your movement patterns, mobility and flexibility. From there we guide you during 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions as appropriate to your injury, skill and fitness.

Individual or Group Sessions


Everyone is similar yet different. Your goals and what you want to achieve are different to the next person, which is why we offer both individualised and small group sessions that are always tailored to your own presentation and goals.

School Age Sessions


PROmotion believes the importance of understanding your body at a young age, which is why we offer 45 minute school age physio rehab sessions.

All Sessions are led by one of our Qualified Physiotherapists


Physio Rehab at PROmotion is delivered by Physiotherapists and is billed as a physiotherapy consultation, ensuring that health insurance rebates may apply, You may confirm this with your private health provider.

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