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Dietetics & Nutrition

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Our special interests include:


  • Fertility & Pregnancy

  • Women’s reproductive conditions (PCOS/Endometriosis)

  • Peri/menopause

  • Thyroid

  • Gut Health (Irritable Bowel Disease/Inflammatory Bowel Disease/ Diverticulitis)

  • Coeliac Disease

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Weight Management

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Disease

  • Eating Disorders

Dietetics at PROmotion is provided by the highly experienced team from Nutrition Nation. 
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Our Accredited Practising Dietitians believe in food as the first medicine before medication and synthetic supplements. Whether you are putting up with annoying gut symptoms and/or pain, tired of carrying around excess weight, worried about how to tackle women’s reproductive health conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis, or you want to better manage a chronic health condition…we can help. We are dedicated to helping people who are sick and tired of trying to solve these problems and others on their own. 


Using the power of nutrition, we have helped hundreds of people to ditch Dr Google, create a clear dietary plan, and achieve some amazing results.


What can you expect during a consultation:


We want to understand your relevant diet and medical history, your current meal pattern, home/work environment and food psychology. 


We then provide individualised nutrition and lifestyle advice, combined with mindset, habit change and motivation therapy. This may include:


  • meal proportioning/structuring advice

  • a targeted meal plan

  • tools to help reduce emotional/stress eating

  • mindset therapy

  • addressing existing habits

  • education on diet-disease relationship

  • altering your home and/or work environment

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