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Running Assessments

Runnng Physio Perth Claremont
Runnng Physio Perth Claremont
Runnng Physio Perth Claremont
Up to 70% of recreational and competitive runners sustain injuries during a 12 month period. Overuse injuries can occur from inefficient biomechanics or poor technique, inappropriate training load, surfaces and footwear.
Our Run Assessments


At PROmotion we love running and like to see it done well. Unfortunately no one teaches us how to run – we just go! Whether you are a sub 3 hour marathoner, jogger with a nagging injury or running for the first time – we can help.


Just in the feet, we have 26 bones, 33 joints, 112 ligaments, and a network of nerves, tendons, and blood vessels that have to work together when we run!


Our PRO Running Assessments combine the analysis of run technique and biomechanics to provide strategies to improve your efficiency, performance and prevent injury. We use video analysis so you can understand where the imbalances lie and create a detailed individual treatment plan with a focus on improving flexibility, control, technique and endurance. We advise on appropriate running programs whether running for the first time, returning after injury or training for an event.

Reasons to get a PROmotion Running Assessment


Wanting to start running for the first time? Recovering from injury? Can’t get past a persistent injury? Training for the next big event? If any of these are you, then a running assessment is the ideal tool to improve the way you move.

Our Running PROs


Lisa, Chris, Sorcha and Emily are qualified physiotherapists with an indepth understanding of running technique and biomechanics, having learnt all they know from world-renowned researchers in this field. They also love to run! Lisa, a recreational runner, loves anything from 5km up to a marathon!

The Run Assessment Process


1. Book in for a Running Assessment online or with our reception team.

2. On the day, wear some running kit and bring the shoes (can be multiple pairs) that you normally run in

3. Full musculoskeletal screen, discussion of previous/current injury history and running goals / events

4. Video Assessment of Running technique and biomechanics

5. Education and correction of technique

6. Based on musculoskeletal screen and video analysis, an individualized strength and conditioning program may be given to improve biomechanical issues.

7. Running plan on how to incorporate both technique changes and strength and conditioning.

Call us on 08 9284 4405 to book in for your Run Assessment with our Running PROs Lisa, Chris, Sorcha and 

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