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PRO Services

PRO Services

ACL Pre & Post Surgery Rehabilitation and Strengthening

At PROmotion, we are aiming to improve outcomes from ACL reconstructions by guiding rehabilitation and aiding return to play decision-making through evidence based periodical testing. We have a team of both Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists who will help with all stages of your ACL recovery whether that be pre or post surgery or leading up to return to play and beyond.

Concussion Treatment and Management 

Our PRO Concussion service includes baseline testing, acute post-injury assessment with a focus on managing safe returning to school/work, as well as management of Persistent Concussion Symptoms (PCS). Recovery and return to activity and sport is guided by comprehensive, evidence-based outcome measures that cover all aspects of concussion rehabilitation.

Back Strength Physio & Exercise Program

The focus of our back strength program is to improve motor control, stability, mobility and regain strength in the functional movements required for both daily life and the activities you love. The program utilises the skills of our Senior Sports Physiotherapists Lisa Glover & Amanda Simmonds and experienced Exercise Physiologists to deliver a comprehensive 12 week functional movement 

re-training & strength program.

Physio Running Assessment

Our PRO Running Assessments combine the analysis of run technique and biomechanics to provide strategies to improve your efficiency, performance and prevent injury. Unfortunately no one teaches us how to run – we just go! Whether you are a sub 3 hour marathoner, jogger with a nagging injury or running for the first time – we can help.

Physio Swimming Screen and Assessment

Our PRO swimming screening process is made up of a number of assessments looking at both strength, range of movement and control. By identifying any limitations before we even get you down to the pool we create a personalised program to improve propulsion and reduce drag forces.  Once we have completed the dry land assessment it is off to the pool to look at your stroke and combine the clinical assessment with what's going on in the water.

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