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Exercise Physiology 

Rehabilitate with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) to focus on injury prevention and illness management over a broad range of presentations and assists in restoring your optimal physical function, health and wellness.
Exercise Physiology Services
Individual and Small Group Musculoskeletal Conditioning

Musculoskeletal conditioning helps to remedy issues of the bones, muscles and joints while training them to improve the overall movement of your body parts.

Pre & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Both pre-surgical prep and post-surgical rehabilitation of the body involve strengthening the weakened muscles and joints and restoring you to the peak of your health.

Neurological Conditions

Many neurological conditions can be improved or even cured with the help of exercise physiology. Exercise physiology can help delay the onset of symptoms and help manage those symptoms later that affects movement, like Parkinson’s or muscular dystrophy.

Chronic Disease Management
CARE: Cancer And Rehabilitation Exercise

Exercise physiology not only helps maintain your health during your treatment process but is also beneficial in regaining your strength and fighting off the side effects of cancer treatments.

Diabetes Management

Type 2 diabetes patients can benefit greatly from the advantages of exercise physiology. Regular attendance can even put you in remission in a short time and recovery in a little longer.

Osteoporosis & Osteopenia Management

Both osteopenia and osteoporosis damage your bones and cause loss of bone density, making you more prone to fractures. Exercise physiology is a great way to maintain general mobility without getting injured.

Weight And Obesity Management

If you have severe weight and obesity issues that affect your daily movement, you can avail of exercise physiology to help you regain your strength and mobility and reduce your weight in a healthy manner without using health fads.

Group Services
HIIT Class

High-Intensity Interval Training is the next level in cardio training. It is more efficient and effective in losing weight, improving physical faculties, and imparting the general benefits of cardio.

Senior Strength Exercise Class
Teen Strength And Conditioning Class

Senior citizens who are otherwise healthy can take part in group exercise physiology sessions to maintain general mobility, improve health and manage the usual geriatric symptoms.

It can be difficult to stay active and get the requisite exercise in the right manner during the teenage years. Exercise physiology group classes can ensure that teens get the right exercise in a way that positively impacts their growth, especially during the puberty years when the growth hormones are decisively active.

Rehabilitation Gym

Doctors recommend exercise physiology for helping patients regain their health and alleviate their weakness after recovering from any major illness. Exercise physiology helps do that in a holistic manner.

Exercise Physiology Initial Assessment

Our experienced exercise physiologists are available for appointments every day, including before and after work hours and on Saturday mornings. 

All patients must have a one hour initial assessment with an Exercise Physiologist which involves a full past and present medical history, a physical examination to assess cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal function plus a collaborative discussion with regards to the individual’s needs and goals to ensure the tailored program that is developed is specific to that person.

1-1 Sessions

45 minute individual sessions with the Exercise Physiologist


Small Group Sessions

45 minute session with a maximum of 3 patients with the Exercise Physiologist


Classes are available for;

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