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Teen Strength & Conditioning Class

PROmotion believes the importance of understanding your body at a young age, which is why we offer Teen Strength & Conditioning Classes. Our team of Exercise Physiologists are specially qualified and trained to understand the complexities around working with children and teenagers managing injuries and sporting loads.
What are the benefits of strength training in Teenagers & Children?


  • Injury Prevention- reduce the risk of both acute and chronic injuries

  • Assist in rehabilitation from injury and shortening timeframes 

  • Increase muscle strength, power & endurance

  • Improve performance in sport- with our Exercise Physiologists able to tailor programs to specific sports

  • Improve coordination and reflexes

  • Assist in correct and effective technique

  • Help maintain a healthy weight

  • Improve confidence, self-esteem and mental health

Our classes are available in the rehabilitation gym run by the Exercise Physiology Team.

Teen Stregnth Claremont Physio Exercise Physilogy
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