HIIT Class

H.I.I.T is now available at PROmotion!


What is High Intensity Interval Training?


H.I.I.T is a time-efficient training method designed to improve

cardiorespiratory and metabolic function and, in turn, enhances physical

performance in individuals.


The sessions involve repeated short burst of rather high-intensity exercise

interspersed with recovery periods. This method of training has gained

popularity due the time efficient nature of this training and the science

backing up the benefits. Some of these benefits include- improve

cardiorespiratory performance, one of the more effective methods of

burning calories (when compared to regular aerobic or steady state

exercise) and has even shown to continue to elevate your metabolism

for hours after you have finished your session!


At PROmotion we use to these sessions guided by our Exercise Physiologists or Sports Physiotherapists as a tool to assist with either end stage rehabilitation or high intensity cardiovascular training for our clients.  Classes run for 45 minutes and due to the high intensity of this session it is not suitable for all so please contact one of our clinical team to discuss if this class is suitable for you!