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Seniors Strength & Balance Classes

Mature Moves Balance strength class over 60s
Balace strength class over 60s exercise physiology perth
Research shows that the human body responds positively to exercise, no matter what the age. ​A tailored exercise program focusing on balance, gait and strength training can reduce falls by as much as 54%
Ageing Health Facts


Each year, 1 in 3 adults (65+ years) fall and about half of these will fall more than once. Falls destroy confidence, increase isolation and reduce independence.


Studies suggest that the average body loses around 3kg of lean muscle every decade from middle age. Muscle mass can increase in the older person after regularly exercising for even 6-8 weeks.


Bone density begins to decline after the age of 40 but this loss accelerates from 50 years onwards. Regular weight-bearing exercise assists in maintaining bone strength.


Initial Assessment


The initial assessment with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist involves an individual consultation to obtain past & present medical history, a physical examination to assess cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal function plus a collaborative discussion with regards to the individuals needs and goals.

Seniors Strength and Balance Class


Group classes are run three times per week by the Exercise Physiologist and involve various activities and exercises to improve balance, flexibility, mobility and strength incorporating weight-bearing exercise and functional movements for best cross over into daily life. 

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