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Women's & Men's Health service expanding at PROmotion

We are very excited to welcome Anna White, an experienced Women's & Men's Health Physiotherapist, to the team at PROmotion. 

Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapists have completed a Master’s degree in Continence and Women’s Health. This training enables them to treat conditions that are specific to pregnancy, post-natal and menopause; painful (or the inability to have) sexual intercourse; bladder and bowel problems; pelvic pain as well as to provide pre and post-op pelvic floor rehab for gynaecological and urological surgeries. 

Anna White, Women's Health Physiotherapist, PROmotion Health, Claremont, Western Australia

Conditions managed include:

  • Pregnancy pelvic floor assessment and training

  • Post-natal pelvic floor rehabilitation and care (including mastitis, abdominal separation)

  • Pregnancy-related back and pelvic pain

  • Urinary and faecal incontinence

  • Pelvic organ prolapse and pessary fitting

  • Overactive bladder

  • Pelvic pain, sexual pain and dysfunction (including vaginismus/genito-pelvic pain, vulvodynia, persistent genital arousal, endometriosis pain)

  • Labour preparation and perineal stretching

  • Coccyx pain 

  • Pre and post prostate surgery rehabilitation

  • Male pelvic pain

Treatment typically involves:

  • Assessment of pelvic floor muscles using internal vaginal and/or rectal exam as well as Real Time Ultrasound and biofeedback equipment.

  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Training for stress urinary and faecal incontinence and prolapse

  • Bladder calming strategies and bladder training for overactive bladder

  • Pelvic floor muscle relaxation and awareness exercises, internal pelvic floor release and graded exposure therapy through the use of vaginal dilators for pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction

  • Education and lifestyle modifications

  • Exercise rehabilitation and Pilates classes

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