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Take Control of Cardiovascular Disease

To kick off Exercise Right week for 2018 The team of Exercise Physiologists at PROmotion are keen to take control of Cardiovascular Disease!

The national health survey revealed almost 1.2 million Australians have had cardiovascular disease (CVD).

73% of those living with CVD have at least one other chronic health condition and 38% have two or more.  

Heart disease? research evidence on benefit of exercise

Regular moderate intensity exercise has shown to result in a number of benefits for those living with Cardiovascular disease, including preventing blood clots, preventing further narrowing of blood vessels, and maintaining a normal heart rhythm.

Exercise Physiologists are the experts when it comes to exercise prescription for CVD and create a tailored and individual program that factors in both your medical health and your personal goals! 

If you or a loved one suffers from Cardiovascular Disease, Book in to see one of our Exercise Physiologists!

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