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Q & A with Rachel for World Yoga Day

What made you study to become a Yoga Instructor? 

I wanted to study yoga as unlike pilates it connects not just the mind and body but the spirit (or soul) as well. Yoga helped me get through some tough times and taught me the power of calming the mind. Studying yoga was a personal journey to better understand myself and how to help others experience yoga.

Therapeutic Yoga Instructor / Physiotherapist Rachel Kelly performing yoga
Therapeutic Yoga Instructor / Physiotherapist Rachel Kelly performing yoga

What have been the biggest take home messages through your teaching training in yoga? 

My biggest take home message from yoga was that we are in control of our emotions and in control of how we react to every situation. Controlling our emotions is the key to our happiness and it comes for within. "No one has the right to control your emotions, thoughts, and actions unless you let them" 

How do you feel yoga compliments Physiotherapy? 

Yoga like pilates moves our body in ways that we might not normally move in day to day life. It twists, lengthens, extends, bends in ways that nourish our joints and muscles. It challenges you to stay present and tune into your body creating greater awareness to how we move. Stress, anxiety, depression all play a role in our pain cycle and it has been shown that if we can reduce these factors we can reduce pain. Yoga can help be the link thats helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

Do you have a favourite pose and why? 

Of course my favourite pose in shavasana (corpse pose)! After a full flow power class its definitely the best feeling sinking into the mat and finally relaxing, allowing the affects of class flow through your body.


What would you say to someone who has never done yoga before and is thinking of trying it?  The main thing I would say is that you do not need to be flexible to do yoga. It is the most common reason as to why people are scared to try it. Yoga practice was created so that you could sit and meditate for hours without your body getting sore or uncomfortable. Yoga is actually about meditation (calming the mind). Classes are there to provide a platform to tune inwards and move connecting to your breath and hopefully stilling the mind. Its a personal journey and not about how well you do the poses. 

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