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Cancer and Rehabilitation Exercise: CARE for Cancer

It is an unfortunate truth that most of us know someone affected by cancer.  While research continues to search for a cure for the disease many West Australians continue undergo treatment.

In fact over 12,000 West Australians are diagnosed each year (Cancer Council WA).  Dr Prue Cormie was previously part of the leadership team researching the effects of exercise on cancer at Edith Cowan University.  She now continues her work over east and the message is the clear; "Cancer patients who exercise regularly experience fewer and less severe side effects from treatments. They also have a lower relative risk of cancer recurrence and a lower relative risk of dying from their cancer.”

At PROmotion we know movement is medicine and the recent call for an ‘exercise prescription’ for cancer patients is proof.  This week the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia together with 25 other cancer organisations publicly called for exercise to be prescribed to all cancer patients as part of routine cancer care. This peak body advises that exercise should be included as a adjunct therapy to surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer.  Research shows exercise during and after cancer treatment can improve the side-effects of treatment, reduced cancer-related fatigue, reduce the physical declines caused by treatment, and improve patients’ quality of life and wellbeing. 

The exercise prescription varies depending on each individual and our Exercise Physiologists can work with you to develop an appropriate individualised program. To find out more about our CARE Cancer Rehab programs - contact reception and ask to speak with one of our qualified Exercise Physiologists. 

Latest guidelines for Cancer Rehabilitation: PROmotion Health, Claremont, Western Australia

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