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Physiotherapy Pilates Exercise Physiology Podiatry Rehab Claremont Perth

Physio By Video & EP by Video

Services Available for Physio by Video at PROmotion

  • General Physiotherapy

  • Pelvic Health Physiotherapy (Women's Health, Pregnancy, post natal & Men's Health)

  • Sports Physiotherapy

Services Available for EP by Video at PROmotion

  • Exercise Physiology Initial & follow up appointments

  • Individual Exercise Programs- acute & chronic conditions


At PROmotion we strongly believe that making your treatment functional to your life is the key to your long-term recovery. 


How treatment works at PROmotion? - we begin with a clinical and functional assessment of your problem. We then formulate a treatment and management plan to relieve the pain but more importantly fix your problem in relation to the activity you do. Your treatment is guided by us but directed by you.

We pride ourselves on constant collaboration for clinical excellence both internally and with a large scope of external medical providers.

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