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Aaron Chin

Exercise Physiologist

Aaron is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who studied Sports Science at The University of Western Australia and completed his PhD in biomechanics, focusing on three-dimensional upper-limb motion analysis in cricket and clinical applications. Since completing his PhD, Aaron has worked with a wide variety of clients around the globe including Olympic athletes, clinical patients, paediatric populations, and leading exercise science universities. To further his clinical expertise, Aaron completed a Post-Graduate Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology at Murdoch University.

As an exercise physiologist, Aaron is driven to use exercise as a medium to help individuals improve their wellbeing and physical function to regain their ability to participate in everyday activities that they enjoy. He adopts a holistic and functional-based approach using evidence-based research to enable and empower clients to reach their individual goals. Aaron believes in the importance of education and aims to provide his clients with information surrounding their conditions and treatment in an easy-to-understand language that they can relate to.

With his experience and background in biomechanics, Aaron has a keen interest in the analysis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions to improve function and performance, optimise recovery from surgery, and injury prevention. Aaron’s other interests include clients with neurological conditions, development of fundamental motor skills in paediatric populations, and exercise for cancer patients.

Outside of the clinic Aaron can be found being physically active outdoors and coaching kids sporting teams. He loves sport and his favourite MOTION is floorball and all things cycling.

Aaron Chin

Special Interests

  • Musculoskeletal conditions

  • Pre- and post- surgery rehabilitation

  • Cancer (and exercise)

  • Paediatric Fundamental Motor Skills

  • Hip  & Knee Osteoarthritis: GLA:D Program

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