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What to expect in a Women's Health Assessment

An initial Women’s Health Physiotherapy consultation explores pregnancy, post-natal and pelvic health presentations. Pelvic health problems are more complex than general musculoskeletal injuries due to the close relationship of the bladder, bowel and sexual organs. Initial assessments run for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The longer duration is to allow time for a full history and assessment, as well as discussing your diagnosis and developing a plan to best manage your condition or concern. (Follow up appointments are 30 minutes.)

Ultrasound assessment for Women's Health

Our appointments are carried out in private consulting rooms and are completely confidential.

We will ask questions about your bladder and bowel function, diet and exercise, sexual history, hormonal and obstetric history, general health and lifestyle as well as what your goals are for physiotherapy. We understand that these issues are often difficult to discuss and we provide a safe and non-judgemental environment.

A physical examination will be guided by your symptoms and involves assessment of your spine, pelvis and abdominal area including a pelvic floor muscle assessment. An internal vaginal examination may be required to reach an accurate diagnosis. This will be discussed with you during your appointment and will never be done if you are not comfortable.

An appropriate treatment or management plan will be recommended following our assessment. This may involve exercises and stretches for the pelvic floor, pelvis and spine; modifications to your diet and exercise, bladder training, vaginal dilators (for sexual pain) as well as assisting you towards achieving your goal - whether that is returning to running without leaking or having sex without pain.

At PROmotion we offer a number of exercise rehabilitation options including small group equipment sessions, gym based exercise physiology as well as pregnancy and post-natal specific exercise classes.

If you are ready to book a Women’s Health Physiotherapy session you can book online or by calling the clinic on 9284 4405.

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