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The Immune System Does Not Work Alone

This week our Exercise Physiologist Brooke Annandale gives us an insight in to the importance of the lymphatic system and how exercise can play a role in improving it's performance.

The lymphatic system is an extensive drainage network that plays a major role in our immune system as it is the body’s primary waste removal and detoxification system and helps defend our body against infections. It is made up of a complex network of lymphoid organs, lymph nodes, lymph ducts, lymph tissue, lymph capillaries and lymphatic vessels that carry lymph and other substances throughout the body. Lymph refers to the clear liquid containing infection-fighting white blood cell which circulates throughout our entire body. The primary function of the system transport lymph throughout our entire body to remove toxins and cellular debris – a normal result of daily cell breakdown. The quality of this fluid in which our cells live greatly determines ability of the lymphatic system to function optimally in removing these toxins.

We have twice as much lymph as we do blood and twice as many lymph vessels as we do blood vessels.

If our lymph nodes become stagnant;

  • Pressure builds resulting in poor lymphatic flow.

  • Blood flow becomes compromised

  • The fluid becomes toxic with metabolic waste

  • Our tissue becomes starved of oxygen and nutrients

  • Cells are unable to heal

  • Can lead to pain and inflammation.

Other roles of the lymphatic system include;

  • The removal of excess fluid from body tissues.

  • Absorption of fatty acids and transportation of fat.

  • Production of immune cells.

Other benefits of a healthy lymphatic system:

  • Reduced cholesterol build up.

  • Reduces swelling.

  • Improved digestion.

Exercise Physiology
Exercise Physiology

Movement is a proven method of enhancing and maintaining a healthy lymphatic system. Exercise makes our muscles contract and pushes lymph through the lymph vessels promoting flow through the lymphatic system. Move more of your body, move more often, move in more ways and move in more environments.

Our team of Exercise Physiologists are available for one on one or small group programs, with private health rebates available. For more information on Brooke click here, or to book call the clinic on 9284 4405 or book online here.

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