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Netball Injury Prevention

PROmotion is excited to announce Physiotherapist Alyce is now accredited with Netball Australia’s KNEE program.

The Program has been designed by Senior Physiotherapists and other staff at Netball Australia to educate athletes, coaches and support staff. The program involves an on court netball warm up with the goal to:

  • Keep players on court by reducing injury rate

  • Improve movement efficiency and performance

Why is injury prevention important in Netball?

  • High risk landings in netball

  • Change of direction

  • Fast and unpredictable movements

  • Sudden stopping

  • 75% of injuries in netball are to ankle or knee

National Injury Risk (Stats by Netball Australia)

If injury occurs- how does Physio help?

  • Assess your injury and movement

  • Refer for imaging if serious injury or fracture is suspected

  • Provide strategies to reduce pain and increase function

  • Manual therapy for pain relief or to improve movement

  • Targeted home exercise program to assist with rehabilitation and prevention of injury

  • Work closely with managing Sports Doctor where appropriate (including referral)

On Monday 29th June Alyce will be presenting a FREE education online workshop that will go through the following:

  • Introduction into the Netball Australia ‘Knee’ Program

  • Latest evidence on injury rates and prevention in Netball

  • Principles of injury prevention

  • Practical workshop on Netball Australia knee Program

To book in and secure your spot for the workshop click here. Alyce is available in clinic for Physiotherapy & Physiotherapy Rehab appointments, to find out more about Alyce check out her staff profile here.

CREDITS AND THANK YOU CREDITS: Developed by Alanna Antcliff in collaboration with Leigh Smith, Steve Hawkins and Dr Sophie Armstrong. THANK YOU TO: Australian Institute of Sport Netball NSW | Netball Victoria HLB Media Madison Robinson and Liz Watson Netball Australia’s Dare to Develop a Diamond program Nationally Endorsed KNEE Program Provider Physiotherapy Network

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