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National Diabetes Week Australia 2020

It is National Diabetes Week, and at PROmotion - where movement is our medicine – we thought it would be fitting to promote exercises that are recommended for those with Type 2 Diabetes and a few of the key benefits that come with exercise & movement!

Movement – One of the best ways to begin exercising is to simply get moving. Gyms can sometimes seem intimidating, but going for a walk several times a week or cycling to the shops is the easiest way to choose movement over idle.

Strength training – Research has shown that strength training enhances insulin sensitivity & quality of life. Furthermore, resistance training has the potential for increasing muscle strength, lean muscle mass, and bone mineral density. This assists in the prevention of additional health problems such as osteoporosis.

Cardiovascular training – This training is the primary exercise tool for weight loss in both those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This type of training improves the quality of the arteries in the body that are often affected in those with type 2 diabetes. By improving this, individuals are preventing other health problems such as coronary vascular disease. Cardiovascular training also improves the efficiency of the heart, which in turn helps improve overall fitness and fights against heart disease.

Along with the benefits of exercise, here are 3 tips for those exercising with type 2 Diabetes:

1. Wear comfortable and well-fitting shoes

2. Be sure to have a water bottle close by to avoid dehydration while exercising

3. Make sure that you can speak while exercising through any and all exercises as this will prevent you from over-exerting yourself

One of our Exercise Physiologists Hayden runs our Diabetes program at PROmotion. For more details on this program click here, or if you already have a referral from your GP you can book your Diabetes assessment here.


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