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Move May! The benefits of Strength training in over 50's

To celebrate 'Move May' our Exercise Physiologists are offering 20% off all initial appointments in the month of May to get you moving right!

PROmotion Claremont Exercise Physiology
Strength Training in over 50's

For many of those over 50 years of age, strength training is seen as a 'young' persons activity in the gym, with many neglecting the weights and thus not reaping the rewards that come with strength and general weight training.

For men, general exercise combined with strength training is particularly important in recovering from and preventing cancers that are specific to them such as testicular and prostate cancer.

For women, menopause often occurs after 50 years of age and this can lead to an increased weakening of the bones through natural hormonal changes. Strength training in particular has been consistently shown to increase bone mineral density which increases overall bone health.

Strength training doesn't always mean large dumbbells or heavy weights and muscle pain for days on end. In fact, strength training can simply be body weight training. What strength training is, is a fundamental aspect of training that can benefit the young just as much as the 'old'.

Some of the general benefits of strength training include:

  • Improved mental health and general mood

  • Improved sleep 

  • Decreased fat mass

  • Improved core muscle strength aids in the prevention of lower back pain

  • Increased ability to perform strength related tasks and activities 

At Promotion, our experienced Exercise Physiologists offer a number of program's designed specifically for the over 50's population. Following an initial assessment we have options to move in to our small group Exercise Physiology sessions or continue with one on one sessions. Another options popular in our over 70's is the Mature Movers classes take place throughout the week at Promotion that incorporate strength, balance and movement exercises to create a product that is individualised and geared towards improving your life after 50. 

To book an initial Exercise Physiology Appointment call reception on 9284 4405 or jump online and book here.

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