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Bowels & Pelvic Floor, How can physiotherapy help?

Optimal bowel health includes - being able to contain faeces and wind, and to easily evacuate stools with minimal effort and completely.

What is normal bowel function?

· Opening your bowels once every 3 days to 3 times a day.

· Passing a type 3-4 stool on the Bristol Stool Form.

· Getting a good urge to pass stool.

· Not straining or pushing.

· Feeling nice and empty after.

If you are not ticking all the boxes above the Pelvic Health Physio’s at ProMotion can help you!

Bowels issues we see at Promotion:

· Constipation

· Urgency (with or without leakage)

· Pain related to defecation

· General pelvic pain

· Issues with completely emptying the bowels

· Stools that are too loose or too hard

· Bowel issues related to stress/anxiety

· Post surgical, postnatal and pregnancy related bowel changes

· Bowel changes related to peri and post menopause.

What does a pelvic health assessment entail if you have defecation issues?

Claire, Taryn or Ali will discuss with you your concerns and goals. Including bowel motions, frequency and type, normal routines, bladder health, pain and medical history taking. We will look at how you produce effort to defecate while seated in the chair as well as look at your abdominal muscles. If you were happy for further assessment, we may recommend either a vaginal or rectal examination to measure your pelvic floor strengths, weaknesses, coordination as well as the structure of your pelvis. Biofeedback may be used to as a specific assessment and treatment tool to see if your sensation is within normal limits and if it contributes to your issues.

What treatment may you do?

There are many options and it’s a case of finding the correct combination for you.

We will educate you on toilet posture, adjust your strategy to make it less effortful, educate you on how to modify your stool size and consistency, abdominal massage, pelvic floor relaxation, abdominal or pelvic floor strengthening, rectal balloon training, liaison with your medical team as required.

Claire is a qualified Physiotherapist with a Post Grad Cert in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy. Claire has advanced training in rectal assessment and biofeedback balloon training. Claire has extensive experience in the pelvic health of both females and males with a passion to promote bowel health in all ages.

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