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Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology Nedlands

Nedlands offers a rich blend of activities and amenities, whether it's exploring beautiful parks, the river, cycling or enjoying a round of golf Nedlands provides an inviting atmosphere for all and benefits from all the services provided by PROmotion Health.


PROmotion Health is a leading physiotherapy and exercise physiology practice deeply rooted in the community. With a focus on personalized care and well-being, PROmotion Physiotherapy provides expert treatments for a wide range of physical ailments. Whether you're a local athlete seeking recovery from an injury or a resident looking for chronic pain management, PROmotion Physiotherapy is there to support your health journey.

Leading Physiotherapy and Allied Health clinic for 

PROmotion Health is a highly regarded physiotherapy and allied health practice in Nedlands. The practice was founded in 2012 and has been providing physiotherapy, exercise physiology, massage and podiatry services at a more personalised level to the community of Nedlands and its neighbouring suburbs.


PROmotion Health has built quite a reputation in the area for being a leading physiotherapy practice in Nedlands. We strive to provide individualised treatments that suit the unique body conditions of each of our patients. We understand your presentation through thorough investigation and design treatment plans that will help you recover quickly and smoothly. We are highly experienced and understand the effects of lifestyles and differences of our patients and provide diagnosis, education and treatment that speeds up understanding and  recovery. Our treatment methods enable real and lasting improvements in our patients which has made us a go-to Physiotherapy clinic in Nedlands.

Why and When Should You Visit a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist?

A physiotherapist is an expert in musculoskeletal health, skilled in aiding the recovery of muscle, joint, and tendon injuries through tailored exercises and specialised rehabilitation techniques. If you ever find your movements restricted due to disease or injury, a physiotherapist can guide you back to optimal function. Here's why seeing one could be beneficial:

Healing Beyond Musculoskeletal Injuries

While their primary expertise lies in addressing musculoskeletal injuries, our physiotherapists also offer guidance in rehabilitating from a myriad of other health challenges, including post-operative recovery. We aren't just limited to bones and muscles; our Exercise Physiologists are trained to pinpoint issues within your cardiovascular system and manage chronic presentations such as Type II Diabetes, amongst others. Beyond physical treatment, we can offer advice and suggest exercises to manage chronic conditions, potentially averting complications down the line. Whether it's addressing common pains or enhancing cardiovascular health and function, our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists can be instrumental in overall health improvement, irrespective of age. 

Professional Guidance For Effective Healing
Physiotherapists are trained professionals who know the intricacies of the body's healing process. Whether it's a minor fracture, a muscle strain, or a ligament tear, we have the expertise to guide you towards a smooth and effective recovery, preventing exacerbation of injuries. We will curate the right set of exercises and a bespoke regimen, ensuring your path to healing remains unobstructed. When combined with insights from exercise physiology, our holistic approach ensures balanced and effective rehabilitation.

The PROmotion Advantage

PROmotion Health is a client-focused physiotherapy practice that provides the best-practice treatment plans to all its patients depending on their body conditions and medical requirements. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us as your Physiotherapist in Nedlands.

Individualised Care 

At PROmotion Health, we noticed that physiotherapy in Perth offered a generic approach to treatment and patient management. So, we decided to do things differently. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we focus on creating tailored treatment plans just for you. We take the time to really understand your needs, diving deep with thorough examinations. From there, we develop a plan that considers your body's unique strengths and challenges, ensuring the most effective care for your specific issues.

A Wide Range of Physiotherapy Services
At PROmotion Health, you find physiotherapy-assisted treatments for several types of problems. We have a multi-disciplinary team that can provide a range of physiotherapy services. We have professional Physiotherapists for musculoskeletal physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, lower limb amputee physiotherapy, women’s and men’s health physiotherapy and vestibular physiotherapy. We also provide pre and post-surgery rehabilitation and strengthening, concussion treatment, back strength, running assessment and swimming fit assessment. We also provide consultations for osteoarthritis management, hydrotherapy, therapeutic rehabilitation, etc.

Having established our strength in physiotherapy, we at PROmotion Health now offer Exercise Physiology, Podiatry, Massage and Dietetics focusing on maintaining our standards of effective care while continuing to be an industry leader. Our experienced and multi-disciplinary team is unwaveringly keen on understanding individual needs and providing customised treatment plans. Get all your queries answered and book your appointment now!

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