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Physiotherapist Service in
Mt Claremont

Do you walk through Bold Park in Mt Claremont taking in the bush and sea, run around the lake or spend your Saturday mornings checking out the Mt Claremont markets? Do you take your dog for a jaunt through one of the playing fields? Or do you tee off at the golf club or drink your coffee at Deli Chichi? However you spend your time in Mt Claremont, PROmotion Health can help you with all of your physio needs.

Physiotherapists & Exercise Physiologists in Mt Claremont

PROmotion Health was founded in 2012, with an aim of delivering a personalised level of physiotherapy service, with effective treatment and individualised rehabilitation. Our team of friendly and qualified physios and exercise physiologists deliver client-focused rehabilitation treatment, utilising techniques that are both functional and efficient for your problems. We have strived to create a centre that uses the skills and experience of multiple disciplines from allied health services, all in one place, to give you a complete recovery experience.

Why Visit A Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist?

Physiotherapists and exercise physiologists are trained intensively to assess areas of pain and provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Here are a few reasons why you should get advice from a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist and not let your pain become a chronic presentation.

Accelerate Your Post-Surgery Recovery:

When you've undergone a surgical procedure, the road to recovery might seem long. That's where physiotherapists come in. Doctors frequently recommend physiotherapy after surgery because it's proven to enhance and provide the optimal healing process. From orthopedic and neurological to cardiac surgeries, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists have the skills to guide patients back to their regular routines.

Alongside physiotherapy, a dietitian can provide nutritional guidance, ensuring your body gets the right fuel to heal faster and stronger.


Tackle Persistent Pain Head-On:

Occasional neck or back pains might seem normal, but if they're frequent or don't go away, it's a red flag.

Instead of enduring this pain or trying temporary fixes, physiotherapists offer a more lasting solution. We dig deep, determining the root cause, be it an old injury or a lingering sprain. With a tailored treatment plan, we can help alleviate the pain and offer techniques to prevent its return.


Improve Pelvic Health:

It's an issue many shy away from discussing, but challenges like urinary incontinence can be due to weakened pelvic muscles. Various factors, from natural aging and childbirth to conditions like obesity, can take a toll on your pelvic floor strength. A physiotherapist isn't just there to help with muscular issues. Physiotherapists with additional training can guide you through exercises and techniques to bolster your pelvic health, reducing future complications and enhancing your quality of life. Our Women's and Men's health physiotherapists will guide you with the best possible treatment and action plan based on your body condition and lifestyle.

Why Choose PROmotion Health?

Here are a few reasons for you to choose us if you live in Mt Claremont.

Well-Qualified Physiotherapists

We are a strong team of qualified and competent physiotherapists. We follow an evidence-based approach to formulate our rehab programs. Our experienced physios combine manual therapy with exercise to give you the most effective and personalised rehab treatment.


Contemporary Physio-Rehab Gym

At PROmotion Health, we have created a state-of-the-art rehab gym that is equipped with the latest cardiovascular, strength and functional equipment to facilitate your faster recovery. We have Exercise Physiologists to ensure that you are getting the most out of your rehab sessions. We use the latest Pilates equipment to help you achieve your long-term goal of pain-free and healthy living.


Multi-Disciplinary Team

We are proud to have a team with diverse clinical skills which helps us to formulate the best possible rehab programs for a wholesome recovery. Our team of dedicated practitioners comprises nutritionists, podiatrists, massage therapists and exercise physiologists along with physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy For Overall Wellness

Whether you've recently had major surgery, are an athlete prone to injuries, dealing with chronic pain that's affecting your daily life, or simply aiming to strengthen your muscles and bones, physiotherapy and exercise physiology hold the solution. It's not just about pain relief; it's about boosting your overall well-being.

At PROmotion Health Mt Claremont, our skilled physiotherapists and exercise physiologists are here to provide you with a quick and effective recovery experience. Your well-being is our priority.

For all physiotherapy and exercise physiology assistance, call us now!

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