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Nick Nation​

Nick is an experienced private practice dietitian, sports dietitian, husband and daddy to two little ones.
Nick believes in food as the first medicine before medication and synthetic supplements. Nick’s passion for his work stems from his own personal journey in nutrition and health, where he was 15kg overweight for a good portion of his teens and early 20’s. 
Nick’s specialist areas include, but are not limited to: weight management, cardiovascular health, insulin resistance & type 2 diabetes, gluten intolerance, iron deficiency, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, FODMAPS, and sports nutrition.
An initial consultation with Nick includes a thorough dietary and lifestyle assessment to assess individual nutritional needs. Subsequent advice, tips, tools and recommendations are provided to assist in achieving your lifestyle goals. A tailored eating plan that considers your lifestyle, any medical conditions and food preferences is also included.
Nick is covered by all major private health funds and rebates are available for clients referred by their GP on EPC and Department of Veterans Affairs programs.

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