Hydrotherapy at PROmotion is a supervised small group exercise

session run out of Claremont Pool. Our physiotherapists are able

to provide you with an individualised hydrotherapy program to

target your injury and concerns. 


  • Buoyancy provided by the water aids in reducing weightbearing, providing minimal impact on joints. 

  • The water provides resistance against muscle and therefore allows for gentle strengthening. 

  • The water provides a safe environment to reduce the risk of injury 

Ideal for

  • Post- orthopaedic surgery (e.g. total hip and knee replacements, spinal surgeries)

  • Arthritic pain

  • Acute back injuries

  • General exercise + conditioning 

  • Return to running post-surgery 


All patients must complete an assessment with a physiotherapist where a detailed assessment is taken regarding past and present medical history, to assess your movement patterns and determine your goals. From there you will be booked into a 45minute session with an individualised hydrotherapy program.

Hydrotherapy at PROmotion is delivered by physiotherapists and is billed as a group physiotherapy session, ensuring that private health rebates apply. You may confirm this with your private health provider.