Wellbeing & High Performance

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Wellbeing at PROmotion is provided by a highly experienced wellbeing practitioner Angie Bain from Survive to Thrive.  

Wellbeing at PROmotion is provided by a highly experienced wellbeing practitioner from Survive to Thrive.  


Angie Bain combines her passion for holistic wellbeing and high performance.  She is a wife and mum to two active teenage boys and enjoys the great outdoors and all things sport and the ocean.  


Angie adopts a person-centred approach and provides a psychologically safe environment to explore life’s challenges.  Angie approaches therapy with a great sense of care, authenticity, and positive regard for her clients.  Holistic Wellbeing related challenges such as sleep, stress management, career development, relationships, work/life balance, resilience and self-care are part of Angie’s offering.  In addition, mental health education, management and support is provided in conjunction with her network of medical care professionals. 

Angie has spent over 20 years working in the Elite Sport Industry inclusive of the AFL Players Association (AFLPA), Australian Cricketer’s Association (ACA), Australian Netball Team and the Australian Hockey Teams with expertise in athlete development, wellbeing counselling and mental health case management. 

With graduate and post graduate qualifications in sports science, sports psychology, career counselling, general counselling and psychometric testing, she has a variety of expertise in supporting both the professional and personal wellbeing journey. 

Angie’s aim is to empower her clients to have the courage to optimise their health and wellbeing in life and work whilst remaining resilient in the face of adversity and change.   

Angie is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and her interests include but are not limited to:


  • Adults and Adolescence – relationships, transitions, family, sport, academia, career, high performance. 

  • Mothers – parenting, return to work, career development, self-care, physical health.

  • Mental Health Counselling – Anxiety, Depression, Body Image, Burnout, Stress

  • Holistic Health – Career, Physical, Social, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Recovery and Sleep


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