Special interest areas:

  • PFPS and activity related knee pain, including knee OA 

  • Neck pain and headaches 

  • Lower limb tendinopathies 

  • Return to sport ankle rehab 

  • Chronic and persistent pain

Tim O'Donovan

Tim graduated from Curtin University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, upon graduating Tim has worked solely in Musculoskeletal Practices around Perth where he uses both his physiotherapy knowledge and previous Exercise and Health Sciences degree to provide the best possible care for his clients. He has a strong passion to help his clients achieve their best quality of life and empower them to perform the activities they enjoy. The desire to improve as a Physio and provide the best for his clients has driven him to seek further study of a Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, where he is currently enrolled at Curtin University.


Tim is originally from South Africa but moved to Perth at the age of 16 where he completed his final 2 years of school and his University studies. He is a self- confessed sports enthusiast and will watch any sport that is on TV. He has strong links to both Rugby Union and Cricket which he played in his Junior days and where he had his first experience with a Physiotherapist.


Tim loves to travel and is generally planning his next trip around the best snow destinations where he can test out his snowboarding skills. He enjoys getting out on the golf course as often as he can and loves challenging himself with his favourite forms of MOTION. Where you will find him in the gym or running in his favourite locations- around the river or along the coast.