Available for the following services:

  • Physiotherapy

  • Rehabilitation Programs

  • Exercise Physiology  

  • Physio Rehab / Clinical Pilates

  • GLA:D (hip/knee osteoarthritis Program)

Rosie Sciacca​

Rosie has a background in elite sports and holds degrees in Physiotherapy and Exercise Science and a postgraduate in Exercise Rehabilitation. This has provided her with opportunities to work with a lot of athletes.


With a big passion for injury prevention and injury rehabilitation, Rosie believes movement analysis and targeted exercises are key to optimal movement. She likes to see everyone performing at their best, be it walking around Kings Park, swimming to Rottnest or excelling in school sports.

Rosie has had 4 years experience in musculoskeletal exercise rehabilitation and has had the pleasure of working with many people in the lead up to surgery and in the rehabilitation phase following surgery. She has also completed Pilates mat and Pilates rehabilitation course and loves spending time in the Pilates studio.

Rosie’s favourite MOTION is running, scuba diving, swimming, and surfing.