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Men's Health Week: Pain in the Pelvis

Chronic or persistent pelvic pain is a relatively common and distressing condition in men that has been largely a mystery in the medical profession.

Symptoms include pain anywhere in the pelvic area including the penis, testes, perineum, anus and buttocks; as well as bladder and bowel issues such as difficulty passing urine, feeling of not completely emptying the bladder, hesitancy, difficulty opening bowels and maintaining an erection.

It was originally thought to be purely an inflammatory condition (prostatitis), however there is often no infection or inflammation present which can be very frustrating to men with this problem. Pelvic floor and outer pelvic muscles such as the glutes are often found to be tight with pelvic pain as well as other factors such as signs of a sensitive nervous system.

Seeing a Men’s Health Physiotherapist can be very beneficial for pelvic pain. Treatment focuses on releasing, stretching and learning how to relax the pelvic muscles as well as learning about the science behind persistent pain and advice about how to return to or continue with exercise.

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