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Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology in Claremont

Do you spend your time exercising around the stunning Lake Claremont? Or maybe you do some pitch and putt at Claremont Golf Course?


Do you take the dog down to the foreshore to run around in the river? Maybe you sail out of Claremont Yacht Club or cast a reel off the Claremont Jetty? Or you might prefer to roll a few balls down at the Claremont Bowls Club?


Maybe you like to cruise Claremont Quarter and take in the shops, cafes and restaurants of Bayview and St Quintans Ave. However, you spend your time in Claremont PROmotion Health can help you with all of your physio, massage, exercise physiology and clinical Pilates needs.

Qualified Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists in Claremont

PROmotion Health is the ideal physiotherapy practice for the whole family. Since our establishment in 2012, we've been dedicated to customer-focused physiotherapy, tailoring treatments to individual injuries and conditions. Our team of experts specializes in providing personalised care and crafting treatment plans that precisely align with each patient's unique needs

Physiotherapists – Why You Need Them?

Physiotherapy goes beyond merely addressing pain; it aims to target the root cause as well. We are a vital field of allied healthcare and we offer various specialised areas such as sports physiotherapy and pelvic health physiotherapy. So, when you're experiencing discomfort in your muscles, joints or with your movement and function, it's time to consult a physiotherapist. We also have Exercise Physiology clinicians who can help to condition your body and improve your function across a wide array of conditions.

Professionally Trained
We are highly trained, qualified, and experienced professionals, equipped to address your injuries. We employ diagnostic tests to assess your pain accurately and provide tailored treatments. Whether you're dealing with a simple muscle or joint pain, a sports injury, osteoporosis, a foot fracture, joint replacement, or any other type of discomfort or injury, we possess the expertise to facilitate your healing. We follow a precise path of investigation and diagnosis and then design personalised treatment plans based on the results.

Optimal Recovery
We can identify the underlying issue and ensure it's treated while relieving your pain. Physiotherapy harnesses the body's self-healing ability, whether the injury is muscular or skeletal in nature. In such cases, professional guidance is crucial, as attempting to rehabilitate an injured muscle or bone on your own can lead to further harm. We can identify both the strengths and weaknesses in your body and recommend the appropriate rehabilitation tailored to your specific needs. And because we have physio, exercise physiology, podiatry, massage and dietetics in house we can manage your whole treatment pathway in one location and with clinicians that consistently communicate and collaborate to ensure your optimal recovery.

Why Choose PROmotion Health?

Here are a few reasons for you to choose PROmotion Health in Claremont:

Experienced Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists
We have a strong team of qualified and experienced Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Massage therapists, podiatrists and dieticians. Our years of experience give us the expertise to provide evidence-based practice which is quite effective in addressing the issue from its depths. We design exercise routines that can ensure that your healing is quick and consistent. Our years of experience have also helped us gain an understanding of the different kinds of occupation-related injuries and impairment in movement. We can run thorough diagnostics and provide a more focused treatment to help you out of your physical difficulties.

Multi-Disciplinary Team
We have a team with diverse clinical expertise. From Podiatrists and Dieticians to Exercise Physiologists and Massage Therapists, we have a full-ranging team to help you. Having a multi-disciplinary team helps us approach your injury with more focus and can help identify the underlying reason more precisely. Our transparency in communication helps provide optimal treatment for you the patient. We can address several issues like women’s and men’s pelvic health, managing chronic pain and diseases, podiatry, remedial massage, post-surgery rehabilitation and more.

Individualised Services

At PROmotion Health, our unwavering commitment to effective and personalised treatment has always been our top priority. To achieve this, we consider it essential to conduct comprehensive diagnostics and thorough investigations before initiating any treatment. This meticulous approach guarantees that we can offer our patients the most effective and tailored treatment plans, ultimately facilitating swift and optimal recovery. Effective treatment, in our view, entails a deep understanding of the patient's body, identifying both strengths and weaknesses, and then crafting a personalised management plan accordingly.

PROmotion Health – Physiotherapy For Complete Healing

PROmotion Health, founded in 2012, has been steadfast in providing tailored treatments for injuries and pain presentations to the Claremont community. From our beginnings as a solo practice, we've progressed significantly, now recognized as a prominent allied health service with a world class facility, diverse, multi-disciplinary team.

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