Online Classes


LIVE Online Classes

Movement is our Medicine and we want to help keep you moving from home! We are excited to deliver live online classes for a number of our services through a conferencing software where we would send you a link to join in from home!


ONLINE classes will include:

  • Mat Pilates

  • Yoga

  • Pregnancy Mat Pilates

  • Mums & Bubs Mat Pilates

  • Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis Class

  • Seniors Strength & Balance

  • HIIT at home

  • Athlete Injury Prevention

  • ACL Rehab & Prehab

Class Details

Base Level Mat Pilates Class

This class will be led by one of our Pilates trained Physio’s and will aim to activate stabiliser muscle groups, introduce diaphragmatic breathing, work on mobility for the spine and peripheral joints and add control to basic functional movement patterns. Anyone who is new to pilates or needs more low level activation work, this is the class for you. 

Intermediate Mat Pilates Class 

This session will be aimed for those who have done a reasonable amount of pilates in the past or for those who are quite strong and not currently injured. The focus will be on improving posture, trunk control, balance, flexibility, mobility and strength whilst making the class functional & dynamic. This will also be led by our Pilates trained Physio’s.


(If you are not sure which Mat Pilates class is right for you, please email or call us and we will help to guide you in the right direction).

Knee & Hip OA Class:

This Physio led program is focused around neuromuscular retraining. Neuromuscular retraining aims to improve the ability to generate an optimal muscle firing pattern, to increase dynamic joint stability and to re-learn movement patterns and skills necessary during activities of daily living.


H.I.I.T at Home:

The sessions involve repeated short burst of high-intensity exercise interspersed with recovery periods. At PROmotion we use to these sessions guided by our Exercise Physiologists as a tool to assist with either end stage rehabilitation or high intensity cardiovascular training for our clients. 


Athlete Injury Prevention Class:

This program is led by Senior Sports Physio’s. Our classes are aimed at athletes aiming to get the extra edge to stay injury free. Both Amanda & Lisa have had experience programming injury prevention programs for Australian & State level athletes.


Yoga (Vinyassa/Therapeutic) Class

Classes involve movement practice, breathing control and meditation through power vinyasa yoga with the benefit of a Physiotherapist's in-depth knowledge of anatomy and pathology. 

Power Yoga Class

This session is a challenging class designed to connect breath to movement and essentially get you in the present moment. This class will work through a flow sequence that will help to improve balance, mobility and strength. Expect to work through single leg balance, push ups, planks, and arm balances/ inversions. If you are new to yoga please start with the vinyasa class.  


Seniors Strength & Balance Class

Classes are run by our Exercise Physiologists and involve various activities and exercises to improve balance, flexibility, mobility and strength incorporating weight-bearing exercise and functional movements for best cross over into daily life.


ACL Rehab & ‘Pre-hab’ Class

At PROmotion we are aiming to improve outcomes from ACL reconstructions by guiding rehabilitation using the latest evidence based practice. These classes are also suitable for those looking at starting ‘Pre-hab’ prior to ACL reconstruction surgery.

(please note for the ACL Rehab & Pre-hab class a 30 minute Physio appointment is required. This can either be done in clinic or via 'Physio by video').