Available for the following services:

  • Sports Physiotherapy

  • Rehabilitation Programs

  • Physio Rehab / Clinical Pilates

  • Running Assessments 

Lisa Glover  (née Fievez)

After an episode of back pain was settled by a Physio in time for a national diving competition, Lisa knew the career she wished to embark on. 10 years later in 2006, Lisa graduated from Notre Dame University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and stepped straight in to musculoskeletal private practice. Lisa completed an intensive Clinical Pilates Instructor Course encompassing an extensive repertoire of both mat and studio equipment. Lisa has combined her strong manual therapy and pilates rehabilitation skills to provide great benefit and relief to state netball & hockey, springboard diving squads, WAFL players, state and national athletic representatives as well as private patients.
In 2011, Lisa decided to travel the world and settled in London where she spent two years working in a private musculoskeletal practice, specialising in functional rehabilitation. Whilst in London, Lisa received extensive training to become a running assessment and rehabilitation specialist. Lisa's training focused on the relationship between technique, biomechanics and running efficiency, which allows her to assess and successfully adapt running styles from beginners to triathletes and ultra-marathon runners. Lisa is one of our Running PRO's, offering running assessments through video analysis.
Lisa has gained experience in a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions; she has a particular interest in the analysis of posture and functional movement and enjoys teaching clinical pilates. Her goal is to empower you to understand, reconnect and restore normal and functional movement to your body.


Lisa has completed a Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy through La Trobe University. Through her Masters she has had the fortunate position of working at the National Gymnastics Championships and with the Australian Hockey Program. Lisa continues to assist the Australian Hockey Team with Pilates Rehabilitation.
Lisa’s favourite type's of MOTION include; diving, skiing, stand up paddle boarding and running...but most commonly is found wrangling her 2 young daughters. In 2015 Lisa ticked off a bucket list item, completing the New York Marathon.