Special interest areas:

  •  Antenatal and postnatal assessments 

  • Women's Health: Breastcare 

  • Urinary continence 

  • TMJ 

  • Headaches

Kelly Chilvers

Kelly was first exposed to the world of Physiotherapy whilst competing in high level volleyball throughout high school and sustaining injuries of her own. This has led her to appreciate the important role of a Physiotherapist in facilitating an efficient return to sport and preventing future injuries.


Having done Pilates for many years herself she is well practiced in the benefits Pilates can have for rehabilitation and overall wellbeing and enjoys incorporating this into her treatment methods for all injuries and goals. Kelly believes in a holistic approach to treatment, incorporating all aspects of the persons well being into their treatment and management.


More recently Kelly has developed a particular interest in the area of pelvic health Physiotherapy which as led her to undertake her Masters in Continence and Pelvic Health in 2022.


Kelly’s favourite MOTION includes gym workouts, Pilates and hiking trails around WA.