Bike Fit

PROmotion Physio Bike Fit aims to improve the way you move to maximise your comfort and performance for what you want to achieve on the bike. So whether you're riding to work, racing for glory or just want to feel comfortable and safe on your bike, we can help
RETÜL Bike Fit System

At PROmotion Physio, Graeme, our cycling PRO, is a RETÜL trained bike fitter. RETÜL is a bike fit system utilised by the best pro cycling teams in the world including, Ineos (winners of 3 of the last 4 Tour de France races), EF Education First Pro Cycling and Total Direct Énergie. Graeme combines this bike fit system with video analysis, a detailed physiotherapy musculo-skeletal screen and over 20 years of cycling experience to ensure you get your best possible position on your bike.


Cycling has sky-rocketed in the past decade with now over 3.7 million or 19% of people regularly cycling in Australia. In WA this is even higher!

Bike Fit Perth Claremont Physio
Bike Fit Perth Claremont Physio

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Bike Fit Perth Claremont Physio
Bike Fit Perth Claremont Physio

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Bike Fit Perth Claremont Physio
Bike Fit Perth Claremont Physio

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Given our sunny weather and pretty good (could still get a bit better) cycling paths, its not surprising that so many of us are getting on the bike to commute and exercise. In WA over 23% of people aged 14+ are riding their bikes regularly with men aged 35-49, followed by 50-64 year olds having the biggest participation rates across all demographics.
Reasons to Bike Fit...


Cycling's rise is not surprising as it is low impact, social, fun and you can put in a really great cardio session on the way to work all without the injuries that can happen with running. But thats not to say the bike can't cause injury... 


Do you suffer from lower back pain, hamstring tightness or numbness in your hands after a ride? Or would you just like to be in the best possible position on your road bike or time trial bike? PROmotion Physio Bike Fit service can help.


Types of Bikes We Fit


Whether you're riding a road bike, time trial bike, commuter or mountain bike we have the tools and system in place to ensure that you are in the most efficient position. This will allow you to maximise your comfort and performance and above all improve the way you move on the bike. 

Female Cyclists

While the guys have the biggest participation levels there has also been a large increase in the number of women cycling, which can bring up challenges for a bike fit. While it would be great if you have a womens specific frame, often it is the case of being a smaller male geometry frame. At PROmotion Physio we understand the differences and difficulties this can cause and ensure no matter which frame type you have as a female cyclist, our physio bike fit will get you into the best possible position.

Bike Fit Process


1. Book in for a Bike Fit Assessment

2. On fit day bring in to the clinic your bike, cycling shoes and a pair of knicks

3. Full musculoskeletal screen and discussion of cycling goals and events

4. Video analysis of your initial cycling position

5. Adjustments and re-analysis of seat, handlebar and cleat position

6. Confirmation of final position

7. Report showing before and after

8. Whole process will take between 1.5-2 hours

Call us on 08 9284 4405 to book in for your Bike Fit Assessment with our qualified Retül Bike Fitter Graeme.